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Everybody remembers the 80’s for many things but the most characterizing thing of the time is its fashion. If you think of the 80’s you can’t help picturing those exuberant designs that made 1980 clothes so clearly identifiable.

You probably look back into time and you regret having worn those clothes and hairdos, or want to kill yourself when you find your photograph in your annual and find your 1980 looks. What you should try to remember is how fashionable and cool you looked at the time and how popular you were thanks to those looks. The fashion of the 80’s is way too different from our current fashion and that is why we find it so strange and funny today. But the truth is 1980 clothes were highly controversial at the time, and that is why they were so popular.

As all fashions, 1980 fashion come up in opposition to an established fashion, or to improve it. 1980 clothes were the opposition to the previous fashions that characterized most of the 70's: the hippie and disco fashions. In fact 1980 clothes style was influenced by the Punk movement of the late 70’s.

The 70’s look was characterized by tight t-shirts and tops and loose pants. With the new decade, this trend changed drastically. Loose and wide tops and t-shirts and tight pants and mini skirts were the hit. However, many trends from the Punk era remained, such as the untidy look and hairdos.

1980 clothes were controversial because they changed the history of fashion. Up to the 70’s, fashion evolved following many conventions. But in the 80’s, fashion went through sweeping changes. In the past, transparencies were not accepted and even bra straps were supposed to be hidden under your clothes. If you look back into time you will realize that no woman showed her bra in any way. In the 1980's lingerie came into fashion and 1980 clothes were mainly characterized by it.

Women revealed themselves and wanted to express their sexuality freely. An important representative and symbol of this era is Madonna. She created new trends as regards 1980 clothes that were a big hit for a decade. Madonna brought into fashion the use of fishnet stockings, fingerless gloves, silver chains, and a wild style.

But 1980 clothes and fashion were highly revolutionary not only for women. Inspired by the Punk movement, men began to wear earrings for the first time. Long hair style was also more fashionable than in the 70’s. Voluminous hair was common in women only, but in the 80's men began to produce their hair just as women by using mousse and other products to make their hair look eccentric.

In general, 1980 clothes and fashion is characterized by being stylish and sophisticated. Sunglasses, big shoulder pads, torn and fishnet stockings, mousse, chains, boots, mini skits, big shirts and tight pants and a thousand of colors are the elements that made the 1980 decade an unforgettable era.

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