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Many will wonder why fashion is cyclic. The truth is the fashion of the past is so great that we want it back, and 1980 fashion is not the exception to this rule. Today, 1980 fashion seems to be an influence for current designers.

As regards women fashion, the 80’s brought about very positive changes. The new style was characterized by the use of visible underwear, whether over a top, under a transparent top, or visible lacy straps. This new fashion was highly controversial as this has never been seen before. Women used to hide their underwear well because any sight of a strap or fabric meant shabbiness. For that reason, this 1980 fashion was a synonym of woman liberation and freedom to express their sexuality. This trend brought about an important change in fashion. Thanks to it, women today can wear comfortable tops without having to care much about transparencies or bra straps.

Today, however, the influence of this trend is much stronger. Lacy tops and stockings were hits of the 1980 fashion and we can see them again on the windows of any fashion store. Apart from this, other tendencies of the 1980 fashion reappeared, such as tight pants and wide shoulder pads.

But not only clothes designs of the 1980 fashion are in vogue again. 1980’s hairstyle fashion is also having great influence today. Voluminous and exotic hairstyles for both men and women are again seen in Hollywood and on the streets. However, we won’t find so much mousse and sophistication in this area, but just the influence of the 1980 fashion style.

We can also find other influences from the 1980 fashion. The music of the 80’s is again heard everywhere. Classics of the time are played over and over again on the radio and many bands try to imitate the style. These bands generally use clothes that are characteristic of the 1980 fashion. But these bands also contributed to the appearance of new trends and fashions. Madonna and Michael Jackson are some examples of fashion inspirations for teenagers. Madonna popularized the use of fingerless gloves, lacy clothes and visible underwear, while Michael Jackson made leather jackets highly fashionable.

There were other items of clothing that were very popular during the 80’s that did not find success today. Shoulder pads, for example, were highly fashionable at that time. It is said that women began to wear wide shoulder pads to show they were just as powerful as men were. Working women began using wide shoulder pads to show their status and power. Short after, this item characteristic of the 1980 fashion was worn by everybody. It turned out to be so fashionable that men also worn them and it seized to be a symbol for power.

If we look back into time today, we may laugh of ourselves because of the way we used to dress in the 80’s. However, 1980 clothing and fashion was good enough to influence our modern fashion and still be highly successful.

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